Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How To Collage Handbag

How To Collage Handbag

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Kitty fur yarn anyone ;)

International Year of Natural Fibers 2009--
I brushed NiƱa .....

and here's her natural fibers. I felted it- soap, hot water and agitation, and it worked just fine! But its tiny. It would make a great little rug, if there was a lot more fur. I could also pick up stitches on the edges and make a mini-blanket for her bed.

International Year of Natural Fibers

This year (2009) is International Year of Natural Fibers!!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Selling you Crafts..... here's a few places, other than Etsy that you may not know about

Made it
Painters, sculptors, woodworkers and other artisans now have a way to turn their hobbies into profitable businesses.

Introducing, a new online marketplace where users can buy and sell handmade goods. It’s the perfect way for vendors to display their unique wares while buyers search for and purchase one of a kind, hard to find items.

For buyers, eliminates the need to spend countless weekends scouring the craft fair circuit to find that special item. Collectors of imported goods no longer need to travel abroad or pay exorbitant importer/exporter fees, or bid on items at live auction.

For sellers, is the perfect way to complement or even replace their current method of doing business. The site’s nominal fees are much more affordable than those associated with online auction sites, and the global visibility their goods receive can’t be matched to what a craft show or store can provide. is also a great way for the casual hobbyist to make some extra cash. For those who have always been told, “You should sell these” by friends and relatives, now they can. A digital camera and a few mouse clicks are all that’s needed to turn a hobby into a small business

For those of you who have only heard of Etsy, there are other places online to set-up shop, one of those places is:

Mission Statement
Our mission is to celebrate the creativity of artists and crafters, through a community, by providing services, information and education. We strive to enrich and promote the livelihood of talented artists and crafters to those who appreciate hand-made goods.

Shop Handmade

Having a store, listing items and selling on ShopHandmade can be free.

Our sponsors will pay your listing fees so you can list and sell items at no cost. Why? They are the best and largest craft stores on the Internet. They hope you will consider purchasing your supplies from them. There is no obligation or pressure.

Go - To Be an Artisan on you must first be Pre-Approved as we are a juried site. This allows us to only Feature Fine Arts & Handcrafted Products. Become A Artisan Today: It's Free!


We're a small, three-person operation located in Portland, Oregon.

We started back in 1999 in Olympia, Washington as a way to help our friends sell their awesome handmade items online, and have since grown to have a lot more friends from all over world.

We do not yet have a retail presence and are strictly online sales only.

Beautifully Knitted Jacket by Theodora Burrow

<----Designer Theodora

The pattern for this fabulous jacket can be found on the wonderful website: Knit on the net from issue 8. The attention to detail is amazing and it has fantastic timeless and retro appeal. Check it out and knit it up!!!