Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lightening Bracelet

You can make this with worsted weight and a 5 mm crochet hook or dk yarn and a smaller hook, for a smaller bracelet. You can even use bulky weight yarn and make it long enough for a belt- but you might want to use a little smaller hook than recommended on the yarn label so it is stiff-er like a belt.  I used a beautiful "house-blend" from Portland's Yarnia for this bracelet.

Chain 18

Row 1- 2 triple crochets (tc) in the 3rd chain from hook, and 2 double crochets (dc) in same chain. Turn.

Row 2-chain 2, in the last stitch from prev. row (double crochet) work 2 triple crochets, and 2 double crochets. Turn.

Row 3-and all remaining rows: repeat row 2 until you get the length you want and pull yarn thru, to secure.  

You can now make 15 chain stitches for ties at this end.