Friday, November 23, 2012

See the stitches from the amazing Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting color- here's a link to the lace stitches that have been charted out so far: The Walker Treasury Project

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I think that the brick stitch would make a nice hat. Or if you live somewhere warm, maybe a dishcloth... Chain multiples of 4, plus 3 for a turning chain.

  Brick Stitch Pattern 

Make the foundation chain, and three extra chains to turn. Row 1. Work 3 D.C. in 4th ch. from hook. * Skip 3 ch., 1 S.C., 3 ch., and 3 D.C. in the next ch. Repeat from * across row, and end 1 S.C. Row 2. Ch. 3 and turn. Work 3 D.C. in the S.C. of previous row. * 1 S.C. in the space made by ch. 3 of previous row, ch. 3, and 3 D.C. in same ch. 3 of previous row. Repeat from * across row. End with 1 S.C. Repeat Row 2 throughout.