Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No -Sew Vest

This is stylish and  wonderful, and very easy-to-do.
Here's the link, WobiSobi No-Sew Vest
and yes, I found this on pinterest too. :)
Here's the url, in case the link is not working :

Ruffled Skirt, free pattern

While on pinterest, trying to find what to do with my many band t-shirts, I found this wonderful ruffled skirt!

So I'd really like to make it.  The tutorial is on this blog -Analog Me-titled T-shirts transformed to Random Ruffles (here's the url, since the link seems not to be working http://analogme.typepad.com/analog-me/2009/09/i-didnt-ever-think-my-old-tshirt-could-look-like-that.html#comment-6a00e3933608e28834019103cc1fc0970c ) and I'm really excited to try it....now I just have to find enough shirts in one color!  But the search continues for how to take my many band t-shirts and use them, and NOT obscure the band and artwork on them. I guess I can just make them fitted, but that it simple and rather boring.  Anyways, I thought I would share this wonderful tutorial with people.