Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Find Stitchin' Misfits on Facebook now

Arte de Shelley: Find Stitchin' Misfits on Facebook now Join now any become a Misfit DiY r-- our group is all over the world, and so so you give this, or your friends even more exposure, with huge potential and possiblities!! Feel free to contribute ideas and other tips for helping get the word out, ad getting people interested in sharing their creativity and links and interests. This will be a great place to meet people and get contacts! snd exposure. We all want to support and help w/ small business ventures, and keep our local commuinites thriving and vibrant. New input and the vast experience of members should prove to benefit individuals and the group as a whole!! Check it out and spread the word, show your work and share w/ your friends. At some point we could do a book or at aleast a site that will help people share arts and crafts and connect. Sorta/ like Craftster and Raverly for all types of arts and crafts and ideas!! Please be sure to sent your suggestions, through here, Facebook or myspace! Thanks,