Friday, June 21, 2013

Nouveau Frienship Bracelets and Cuffs

Last year I went to Portland and I was going through boxes of my old things.  I found my old yearbooks, I found some old other things that many people exchange at that same time- friendship bracelets!  But since I've become such a knitter and crocheter, it struck me that I could do these wonderful bracelets on a larger scale.  

I'll have to take pictures of the old ones that I made and my mom so kindly preserved for me.  I also found many other treasures- books mostly- that I was thinking of selling on ebay!  For instance, did you know that a copy of Heidi can be worth $60 ? I think that it has something to do with the date being misprinted on it.  

This is from the pattern I found on Purl Bee's website
I made some friendship bracelets, one of them from the pattern I found on The Purl Bee's website   and the others I did from memory after looking at the older bracelets I'd made back when these were all the rage.  Next I'm going to try making some with more strands of yarn, but with bulky yarn, to see how that goes.  Or more strands of yarn and standard weight , CYCA 4 yarn.  There's also the ones I did a while back with crochet (the lightening bracelet) and I wonder if the two techniques can be combined successfully.  Well that's all for now.  Just thought I'd share those. 
This is from the pattern I found on Purl Bee's website, same cuff, just different lighting. 
These I made from memory, with CYCA 4 yarn, and 5 yarn

Another view of the ones made with CYCA 4 and 5 
Another view of the ones I made from memory